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Dr. Michael Hughes

My desire to help the newborn, the aged, and those without hope developed from years of suffering with debilitating spinal pain. Daily headaches, depression, and unbearable spinal pains became my new “normal”. Due to years of seeing countless doctors and taking unending pills that only masked my condition left me hopeless.

The breaking point came as an undergraduate student at Wofford College when my pains prevented me from continuing my education.

A new day arose after my first chiropractic adjustment (something that I swore I would never ever do). My headache left me for the first time in 3 months and the spinal pains began to diminish. The relief over the next several months not only enabled me to complete my Bachelor’s of Science, but motivated me to enroll in a career where I could help others as well.

In June of 1997, I completed my Doctorate of Chiropractic with an emphasis in family care and sports injury. In addition to Chiropractic, I received a certificate to perform Chiropractic Adjunctive Physiotherapy from New York Chiropractic College. I was additionally trained at the Gonstead Clinic in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin and the Burson Clinic in Monroe, GA.

On October 15, 2007 Rutledge Wellness was born from a paradigm shift in my life where I realized that life in all respects is about balance. With all that said, I strive daily to be a Christian doctor who is motivated and directed by a higher power.

My greatest achievement is my family – my wife, Carrie, and my three children Zachary, Zoie, and Allie Jane.


                                       Dr. Haley Lance

Dr. Haley Lance was introduced to chiropractic care at an early age. Both her grandparents and parents received regular adjustments and ensured she did as well. Her own positive experiences with chiropractic care and her passion for science eventually led her to pursue a career in chiropractic medicine. She even married a chiropractor!

Dr. Lance holds an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from Auburn University and received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree with cum laude honors from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. She believes that all people are designed to be well and that healing ultimately comes from the inside out. Dr. Lance takes an integrative approach with patients, drawing on a variety of chiropractic techniques, including kinesiology and nutrition, to help bring the body back into balance. A mother of three children herself, Dr. Lance has a special interest in pediatric care, as well as the pre and post-natal care of women and other women’s health issues. She enjoys working with patients of all ages in all aspects of health and nutrition.

Dr. Lance believes in partnering with her patients to give them not only the treatment they need, but the knowledge they need to gain control over their future well-being.

Dr. Jean Lawrence

Dr. Jean Lawrence, a Certified Nutritionist for over 18 years, has a long list of credentials. She is a Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and has a PhD in Natural dr

Medicine. She is well educated in alternative and complementary means of helping you restore your health. Dr. Jean's patients range from babies to the elderly who are looking for natural alternatives to their health issues.

The amount of information is very overwhelming, so she will help you sort all that out by being your "health detective". She seeks to find out the root cause of your issues and not just treat your symptoms. Her natural health solutions are based on scientific and objective testing including blood, urine and hair samples. Using these test results, she establishes a baseline of biomarkers to track your health and nutritional needs. Let her experience help you to be healthy in all areas of your life

Dr. Sung Won Han, L.Ac, DAOM

Dr. Sung Won Han graduated from South Baylo University with a masters and doctoral degree in DAOM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). While attending school, he received Outstanding Academic Achievement Certificate for Top Ten /storage/app/media/2018update/a.jpg
Students. He also had in-depth training in Chinese herbal medicine. He later became a Pharmacy supervisor, teaching and training clinic interns and students at the university.

After graduating, he taught part time at school, as well opening up his own practice, and working with 10 different medical groups, where he provided Acupuncture treatments in MD clinics for integrative medical care for the Eastern and Western medicine to patients. He is married with two beautiful children, and recently moved from California to Georgia to raise his children in a more suburb setting away from the busy city life of California. During weekends, he is busy helping out at the local church, and spending time with his family, and playing sports with his friends and colleagues.

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